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Saturday, April 29, 2006

Another local cash game?!?!

Be still my heart... I played in another local cash game, a very loose .50/1 NL game. And I got beat about the head and shoulders every time I put a chip in the pot. Had one particularly interesting hand with Jag, other than that, it was a pretty straightforward evening of mediocre cards and mediocre to poor decision making.

Gave it another few shots trying to get into the Grand Tournament and was summarily executed at every turn. There were a lot of new players brought in by the GSOP and the new $1M guarantee on the Grand, so it wasn't as apparent what kind of clown you were dealing with. I got myself crippled in a couple satellites because I actually came across a good player who didn't push any Ace after a flop of 853. Not that the donkies who pushed any Ace on a flop of 853 weren't connecting and crippling me anyways. The most frustrating was that on my declared last satellite try of this Grand tourney, I made it to Stage 2, made it to 3-handed play, and then ran into a donkey who called my check-raise all-in for most of his remaining stack with A8 on a 772 board and cracked my 10's when he hit a runner runner flush.

This week is not goob for teh poker.

But today I get to sweat my boys in the first flight of the tourney and watch the NFL draft, of which my team will have but one pick in the middle of the second round. So yeah... I'm gonna be bored as hell today.

Thursday, April 27, 2006

Aces and Kings and.... threes??? Oh my!

"How could you make that call?!" - Patrik Antonius

"How could you make that bet? This isn't solitaire, this is poker." - Doyle Brunson

I thoroughly enjoyed that little snippet of last night's WPT telecast. Nothing like calling a $4 million all-in with pocket three's and being a 3-2 favorite. Of course, if every time I raise a pot some former Norwegian catalog model came over the top of me, I might get a little tilty too.

Qualifying for the Grand Tournament

Or perhaps a better header would be, "Getting Nowhere Near Qualifying for the Grand Tournament". Everytime I've gotten close the EV monster jumps up and snaps me off. I've basically just been scraping through to the final six or seven in the MTT qualifiers and then bend over and prepare to get punted straight out of the tourney. I'll make a big push here over the next two days... I'm dying to play this damn thing and really enjoy a truly deep stack tourney. (Plus someone's gotta take a shot at bettering PokerDon's 20th place finish from last time.)

I've also enjoyed the GSOP that they've now built around the Grand tournament, I'm just sorry that I've missed some of these enormous overlays this week. They barely covered the guarantee in the first event, and then had a $50K and $75K overlay in events #2 and #3, and 20 minutes to start time for #4, they are looking at another $70K overlay in the limit hold'em event. The only disappointing thing is that they didn't include a seven card stud tourney. I'm not sure how PL 5 card draw gets an event and stud doesn't but that's something to be addressed for the next GSOP.

A SNG Challenge

I've seen a few of these posted on other blogs I read, and it sounds like an interesting idea, so beginning in May I'll be taking on one of my own. I'll start out with $10+1 SNG's and I'll endeavor to knock out 100 of these things. I'd try and do more, but I'm gone at least 25% of next month on travels around the country, so I think 100 may be a challenge in and of itself.

I haven't decided which site I'm going to try this on yet either. I've got accounts at Party, Stars, Pokerroom, Paradise and FullTilt. I'm thinking I might try it at Stars since I've played so little on there of late, plus it'll make my put some more money on and maybe I'll actually start participating in more blogger events also. If anyone has any suggestions on other sites, I'm perfectly willing to listen.

I'll post my results weekly.

A WSOP Qualifier

I've been promising friends of mine locally that I was going to organize a satellite online for a prelim event at the WSOP this summer. If it's a success I'd like to run two or three altogether. In the hopes of getting more entrants and thereby holding down some costs, I'm also going to extend invites out to readers and other bloggers to participate. I'll have more info available with the site upgrade beginning May 1st. But for now, if you have any suggestions on good sites to host it on, I'm all ears (er, eyes, as it were).

Wednesday, April 26, 2006

A local cash game and more...

It's been about three months since I've played in any kind of local/live cash game and it felt good to have that opportunity over the weekend. Booked a nice winner of 45BB's in a shorthanded limit game, which has quickly evolved into one of my favorite types of games. Between my natural aggression and a little fine tuning after reading Matt Maroon's book, specifically his shorthanded section, and I'm feeling really comfortable in those situations now.

PokerDon and JT are currently sitting at the felt in my favorite place in the world, Las Vegas. I'm more than a little jealous but the September trip (heretofore to be known as Armageddon) should more than make up for these few days I'm missing. I didn't participate in the Monday night tournament this week either, even though I've had some really good results there over the last two months. As much as I enjoy poker and playing with my boys, after a year and a half, there isn't much play going on as it is just the same ol', same ol'... and it gets to be a real grind. Oh well.

Jason Berilgen just missed the money at the WPT Championship but I'm sure he'll have a ton of good stories at the wedding. Sooner, rather than later, I hope to have my own stories about sitting on a pile of chips between Phil Hellmuth, Allen Cunningham and Chau Giang.

Speaking of stories, I'm sure David Williams wishes his porn career hadn't jumped into the spotlight this week. But I think it just goes to show how far poker has come along that it actually is such a story that a poker player did a porn at one point. All the writeups I've seen on in mention that this story could have broken a couple years ago, back when Williams was one of the top Magic players in the world. The reason the story got no traction back then? Because Williams was one of the top Magic players in the world.

Well, just trying to keep some content flowing, while working on the site update and trying to qualify for the Grand Tournament this weekend. Hope the cards are hitting you in the face...

Friday, April 21, 2006

It's an avalanche...

Of posts... I must be subconsciously feeling very guilty for being AWOL the first half the month while working on the site update, which I'm hoping to launch on May 1st.

First off, I am happy to be able to keep pimping the performance of an old friend who's currently doing very well at the WPT Championship. He had a heckuva table to negotiate yesterday and I can only hope that he'll have the story of stories to tell when I see him next month. His lineup for today:

Table 43:

Seat 1 Davidson Matthew 61,000
Seat 2 Phil Hellmuth 40,800
Seat 3 Jason Berilgen 243,400
Seat 4 Jon Turner 110,800
Seat 5 Lee Vaccaro 136,900
Seat 6 Shawn Buchanan 462,100
Seat 7 David Grey 65,000
Seat 8 Don Mullis 84,100

It's amazing what a small world it really is. I stumble into poker a little over a year ago, never imagining what a part of my life it would become. Then as the last year progressed I kept finding out about old friends or friends of friends that were big name poker players, like Jason or Brett Jungblutt. Now I can only hope that with another year or two of working, I can start to enjoy even a fraction of the success that they have.
Ace-Queen: The Scourge of My Poker Existence

As I've posted before, Ace Queen is a blight on my poker world. Can't ever seem to beat it, can't ever seem to win with it. Well, I somewhat reversed the curse last night on my way to a 2nd tourney cash on the day. I thought I played reasonably well all day, just couldn't quite get over the hump at the critical times.

It's also possible that I didn't actually reverse the curse, but rather ran into the one guy who apparently is cursed worse than I am. The poor guy even got moved off the table after hand one and then got moved back on next to me just prior to hand two.
Hand 1:

Seat 1: jim626 ($3,495 in chips)
Seat 2: exparoni ($5,540 in chips)
Seat 3: eman3415 ($3,755 in chips)
Seat 4: BigJohn804 [KS,KD] ($2,050 in chips)
Seat 5: RhesusPieces ($6,170 in chips)
Seat 6: Cheryblossom ($7,787 in chips)
Seat 7: Mr_MBZ ($4,515 in chips)
Seat 8: slothster0 ($5,385 in chips)
Seat 9: jebby32 ($6,660 in chips)
Seat 10: SamoLEvski ($1,325 in chips)


SamoLEvski posts blind ($100), jim626 posts blind ($200).


exparoni folds, eman3415 folds, BigJohn804 bets $600, RhesusPieces folds, Cheryblossom folds, Mr_MBZ calls $600, slothster0 folds, jebby32 folds, SamoLEvski folds, jim626 folds.


BigJohn804 bets $1,450 and is all-in, Mr_MBZ calls $1,450.




BigJohn804 shows [ KS,KD ]
Mr_MBZ shows [ AD,QS ]

BigJohn804 wins $4,400.

(Demz quads beetches.)

Hand 2:

Seat 1: jim626 ($1,245 in chips)
Seat 2: exparoni ($3,565 in chips)
Seat 3: Mr_MBZ ($2,015 in chips)
Seat 4: BigJohn804 [7H,7S] ($3,850 in chips)
Seat 5: RhesusPieces ($4,775 in chips)
Seat 6: Cheryblossom ($9,787 in chips)
Seat 7: 5ontheriver ($5,156 in chips)
Seat 8: slothster0 ($3,885 in chips)
Seat 9: jebby32 ($7,810 in chips)


Mr_MBZ posts blind ($200), BigJohn804 posts blind ($400).


RhesusPieces folds, Cheryblossom folds, 5ontheriver folds, slothster0 folds, jebby32 folds, jim626 folds, exparoni folds, Mr_MBZ calls $200, BigJohn804 bets $3,450 and is all-in, Mr_MBZ calls $1,615 and is all-in.

FLOP [6C,JH,2H ]

TURN [2S ]

RIVER [10S ]


BigJohn804 shows [ 7H,7S ]
Mr_MBZ shows [ AH,QD ]

BigJohn804 wins $4,030.
Alas, even after these great conquering victories over my mortal enemy, I was unable to bring it home when my AJ lost to A7 on a runner-runner flush, and then my K6 suited lost to 62 off when he hit his two outer after I flopped a flush draw as well. BigJohn804, congratulations on your 25th place finish. GG me, IGHN.

I also got the chance to sweat my buddy PokerDon as he tried to navigate the donkies in a tourney last night. As usual, it was entertaining to watch and it delivered us another piece of today's blog post. Belatedly, but happily, I bring you:


Yes, ShaggyG, you above all the other players I've played against or watched proved to be the ultimate donkey this past week. It would be entirely difficult to pinpoint which hand exactly proved your worthiness, but I think it was better summed up by your commentary after one in particular. You had just called off 40% of your stack after a raise and reraise all-in about 10 spots to the bubble. And by calling off 40% of your stack I mean you called off T11000 with blinds at 150/300. You showed AJ offsuit versus the Hiltons and proceeded to spike your Ace on the turn. As the table bemoaned the bad beat, you offered up several gems, which I will try my best to replicate here.

"I wouldn't have done it if it were a bigger stack."

"The pot odds weren't that bad."

"It was a coin flip."

Well done, sir... well done.

Thursday, April 20, 2006

I don't envy... old acquaintance, Jason "Doc" Berilgen today during Day 3 of the WPT Championship.

Table 54:

Seat 1 Tony 'G' Guoga 109,475
Seat 2 Can Kim Hua 31,600
Seat 3 Allen Cunningham 45,000
Seat 4 Jason Berilgen 52,075
Seat 5 Chau Giang 80,125
Seat 6 Martin De Knijff 48,400
Seat 7 Brian Haveson 56,775
Seat 8 Peter Eichhardt 44,975
Seat 9 Clint Brotherton 42,325
Seat 10 David Kim 173,250

(info courtesy of PokerWire)

It's not even the murderer's row that is sandwiched around him so much as it would be having to listen to Tony G run his mouth all day long... good God...

Good luck, Jason.

Live Blogging a Tourney

6:00am: Seated UTG, fold the first hand... 10/20 blinds, 1500 starting stacks, 131 players

6:01am: First player eliminated

6:02am: 78 offsuit in the BB, flop is K 6 4 rainbow, with two others in the pot I take a shot at the gutty and miss, fold the turn... fold the small blind, T1400

6:12am: JJ in MP, raise to 70, called by SB... flop is As6c7c, he checks, I bet 100 into 160 pot, he folds... T1490

6:16am: 44 in the BB at 15/30, raised pot seen with 4 others at T465... flop Kd5c6h, checks around... turn is the 7h, I check it comes back to me to call 120 in a pot of 825... River is another 5... checks around, 99 takes it down... fold the SB, table breaks... T1265

6:21am: 77 in MP, raise to 90, takes it down... T1310

6:28am: Just watched a guy hit his one outer on the river to reverse-Pokerroom someone... two red tens vs AcJs on a 8c6c3c flop... turn is the Ad... river is the 10s....

6:36am: 1010 on the button... 4 limpers, shortstack of T650 pushes... I push... vs. As8s... Tens hold up... T2055

6:40am: I fold 77 in MP when the maniac big stack makes it 500 to go in front of me with blinds at 50/100 now...

6:43-45am: Fold 33 UTG... fold AJ in the BB, fold the SB, there's a theme here, folding... T1905...

6:55am: Blinds up to 75/150... I pick up 66 in the SB, complete for a 5 way pot... flop is AJ7... I check/fold... T1605

7:00am: 1st Break... Average stack T4570, chip leader has T18,495... 43 players remaining... my stack is T1605 (40th of 43), I played 6 hands the first hour... my table is pretty crazy, any Ace, even a naked Ace after the flop gets pushed... middle pair is as good as a set to these guys... just need to pick up some hands, but with less than 10BB left, it's just about time to pick a good hand and start moving... currently listening to "Regulators" by Warren G and Nate Dogg...

7:05am: Blinds at 100/200

7:07am: Dealt J9 offsuit in the BB, 4 way pot, flop comes 356 and checks around, turn is a Jack, I push and get called by button limper who has: J9 offsuit... fold SB, T1705...

7:12am: I pick up KdQd in LP... shortstack moves in for 515 up front, I push my stack in and small blind moves in for 5500... shortstack has 88, SB has JJ... flop 2h6d7s, turn Ks, river 8c... I take the side pot and move up to T2380...

7:18am: I pick up KQ offsuit in the cutoff, folds to me, I raise to T600, folds out... T2580...

7:23am: Blinds up to 150/300... I have a little over 7BB's now after paying the blinds, T2130... c'mon dealer...

7:24-25am: I pick up A8 offsuit and A10 clubs back-to-back, move in and pick up the blinds both times... T3030...

7:31am: Blinds up to 200/400 and I'm down to T2580 after paying blinds... 23rd of 26 remaining...

7:33am: Pick up 33 and move in from MP, get called by KQ offsuit, spike a 3 and hold on to more than double up... T5760...

7:34am: Pick up 99 in MP, raise to T1200, same guy who I double through moves in for T726 more, then the BB moves in for T2800 on top of that... I fold... they have A8 and A10... A on the turn... T4560 with the blinds on top of me...

7:35-36am: Fold 45 offsuit in the BB after a raise (would've flopped the nuts and doubled through top set and overpair *bleh*)... pick up AA in the SB, one limper, I move in and take it down... T4960...

7:43am: Pick up 66 in the SB, move in and the BB folds... blinds are 300/600 now, I have T5160, and sitting 15th of 22 remaining...

7:46am: KQ offsuit on the button, I move in and pick up the blinds plus an early position limper... T5760...

7:48am: Pick up AJ offsuit in LP, move in and get called by both the other shortstacks on the table, 33 (T2600) and 84 off (T280)... flop is 38A... no runner-runner perfect, down to T3160...

7:56-58am: Down to T2280 with blinds at 400/800 I pick up 9d5d UTG and move in... get called by the cutoff and the SB moves in, cutoff folds... vs. 10d10s... Qd3s7d-Jd-7c... I triple up and then pay the blinds... T5980...

Break #2- T3980, blinds going to 500/1000 and I'll be in the SB... sitting 11th of 12 remaining... average stack T15,462, chip leader has T43,799... I somehow survived everytime I pushed... but with 3.5 BB's the chances of making the final table (and the money, top 10 paid) look a little slim unless I can find a big hand (that holds up) soon... currently listening to "All Comes Down" by Kanye West (not sure that's a good omen)...

8:14am: After the shortest stack with T720 who's away and trying to fold into the money is forced in by the BB and wakes up with A5 vs KQ and spikes his Ace, I think my chances have passed... I pick up K10 off UTG and move in... get called by 66 and spike a 10... T8660...

8:16-18am: Big stack calls an all-in of medium stack next to me with KQ and runs into AdKd... flops his Queen and dodges all diamonds and jacks on the river to knock him out... and then the other shortstack finally busts... In the money...

8:23am: Blinds at 600/1200, I have T5660... pick up Ad7h in EP, move in and big stack comes over the top with AsQs... flop AhJh10h... can't pick up a seven or a heart and I'm out in 9th place...

(feel free to notice that, as usual, AQ squarely owns every bit of me)

Sunday, April 16, 2006


Hey all, a website overhaul and reconstruction is underway and will hopefully be launched real soon.

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