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Tuesday, August 15, 2006

If you ain't chewing Big Red, then @#$& you!

Still getting back in the groove of things as for as posting goes, but twice in one month is a start in the right direction.

A few friends and I got together and got the PPV of the WSOP final table. I've seen a lot of the flak that Jamie Gold has been getting but I really didn't see much that was wrong with his play at all. He had total control of that table other than Cunningham. I thought the biggest mistake he made was by continuing to use his table talk on Allen, the one person at the table who could definitely intuit something from it. But otherwise his chipstack simply allowed him to do all the things he could want to do and I see nothing wrong with him taking advantage of that fact.

I thought most of the other players were not being aggressive enough with him as far as taking control of a hand on the flop or playing back at him preflop. After Richard Lee shipped all his chips to Gold, this thing was pretty much just on a countdown to when Gold would finish it off. He was the one player at the table at that time who had a stack that he didn't need to get overly agressive with Gold, but he did to his detriment.

I felt like ESPN did a decent job with the broadcast as it certainly isn't easy to fill 12 hours of poker with entertainment. All in all, I'd give the whole thing a B-, and suggest that everyone coming down on Gold needs to get over it just a little bit.

As for me, lots of trips coming up over the next month. Two trips to the Borgata, one to try their Super Satellite tournament and then again a couple weeks later for the start of the Fall Open. Then leave from the Fall Open and head out to Vegas for a week. It'll be my first trip to Vegas since I started playing poker seriously, so I'm really looking forward to that trip in particular. Vegas has always been one of my favorite places to go and I haven't made it out there in a few years.

Other than that, life is good and getting prepared for fantasy football drafts. Stay tuned, I may actually get a third or even fourth August post in. I know you're super excited too!

Monday, August 07, 2006

A Borgata Trip Report

I set the wheels in motion a couple weeks ago to get my friends up to the Borgata for my birthday and a lot of poker. Before I get to the poker please let me throw my whole hearted recommendation behind the Bobby Flay Steakhouse as I truly think it was the best steak I've ever had. Even better because some donkey paid for it.

Started out playing the no limit tables and absolutely could not get anything going. Got paid off when I hit a set and had the right read on a guy in a massive pot, but the river card put to many possibilities on board and I folded, and he showed me that I was right and was still ahead. Thing basically went downhill from there on day one and I was down two buy-ins. No big deal, but certainly not how I wanted to start out.

Wasn't feeling great on day two, so I spent a good part of the day in the room, enjoying one of the most comfortable hotel beds in the world. PokerDon came upstairs to go to sleep and I was heading down and he told me to check out the 10-20 limit game going on. Thank you, Don, for the best game selection advice I've received, maybe ever.

Flat out, hands down, the 10-20 game was filled with awful players. Like action capped eight ways preflop and six ways on the flop awful. So, starting at 12:30 on my birthday and spanning two sessions during that day, not only was I playing with burros but my cards were hot. That's the equation for a lovely day of poker. I killed the game, and but for my big hands not holding up on day three, it could have been a blockbuster trip. But still a very profitable one and I'm looking forward to trying the 20-40 game next time up there in a few weeks, most likely.

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