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Thursday, October 12, 2006

Rule #76: No excuses, play like a champion!

I certainly have not been doing that as of late. When I have been playing at all, I've mostly toiled at PL Omaha, and I've enjoyed it (for the most part). With all the online poker nonsense of the last few weeks, I ended up putting some money on Bodog and trying it out. There isn't a whole lot of action on the site as of now, but it appears to be growing. And the players that do play there, for the most part, aren't very impressive.

The only NL Hold'em I have played in the last few months are the occasional sit n' gos with the guys around here during the week. And there is nothing but holes in my no limit game. Sometimes you look back on a session and your amazed that you lasted as long as you did, that's pretty much how I've felt the last few weeks with no limit. Really, I lost most interest in the game several months ago and started focusing my attention on limit hold'em and Omaha 8/b. I don't know if it was merely a little boredom, but I felt like I needed to add some more variety to my play.

I'm also trying to concentrate on getting those websites I promised months ago up and running. Got sidetracked by life and suddenly it's almost six months later. Funny how that happens, blink and you miss half a year. Poker was a mixed bag in September after a great August, but I think October is going to be a throwaway kind of month. I may try and make an AC trip towards the end of October, but most of the next few weeks I want to devote to site development and other business opportunities. I always ultimately wanted to use poker as the means to move into other business ventures, it's about time I actually started putting in some work towards moving that direction.

Saturday, October 07, 2006

Adventures in Oooooooooomaha!

This should suffice to sum up my last two days of playing Omaha:

$50 PL Omaha Hi

Dealt to BigJohn804 in the SB (As6s6hKh)

4 limpers, button pot raises... all, including blinds, call...

Pot $22.50

Flop (4s 6d Jc)

checks around to button who bets half pot, I reraise the pot which puts me all-in, and is a raise of $38 more to the button, who insta-calls.

Turn (5h)

River (Kd)

I lose. I check the hand history and he raised on the button with Ad2d3h9c.

Chat history:

BigJohn804: Are you serious?
BigJohn804: did you just feel the 5 coming?
Hard Head: who me?
ssf420: he had pocket Aces too
BigJohn804: yeah
BigJohn804: no he didn't...
Hard Head: i was drawing to the nut low
BigJohn804: man, you just made my day... LOL
BigJohn804: this is an Omaha Hi table, not Omaha 8
Hard Head: OMG
Hard Head: guess I can stop drawing to a low then

Hard Head sits out and leaves the table

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Prohibition in Our Time...

Been taking the last few days to digest what all has happened and regretting that I didn't have money on a foreign exchange to short PartyGaming stock all the way down.

While this is certainly a devastating blow to poker in general, I take some solace in the fact that the effects of capitalism are a strong argument against this legislation. $12 billion industries don't simply go away and someone in government is going to be smart enough to realize this and figure out how they want to regulate it. At least that's my opinion. Time being, there are certainly some opportunities for saavy business people as a result of this, and hopefully I become saavy in the next few weeks and figure out how to profit from this.

I find myself not among the throng of people who think the Republican party is the force behind this and therefore the embodiment of evil. But it does represent one of the reasons why I never affiliated myself with one party or the other. Sen. Frist certainly used his position to his advantage in attaching the internet gambling legislation with the port security bill to ensure its passage. As a result, I can only hope that people seeing this display of politics will become more active, and by active I don't mean simply shouting down the Republican party for "banning" poker. This is simply the way the game gets played, internet poker got trapped and check-raised on the river holding the second nuts. For as much responsibility as those who brought the legislation forward bear, so too does the poker community for not realizing what could happen and being more of an instrument against it.

I, for one, will happily at this point take bets that a "pro" will win the main event of the World Series again...

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