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Saturday, October 07, 2006

Adventures in Oooooooooomaha!

This should suffice to sum up my last two days of playing Omaha:

$50 PL Omaha Hi

Dealt to BigJohn804 in the SB (As6s6hKh)

4 limpers, button pot raises... all, including blinds, call...

Pot $22.50

Flop (4s 6d Jc)

checks around to button who bets half pot, I reraise the pot which puts me all-in, and is a raise of $38 more to the button, who insta-calls.

Turn (5h)

River (Kd)

I lose. I check the hand history and he raised on the button with Ad2d3h9c.

Chat history:

BigJohn804: Are you serious?
BigJohn804: did you just feel the 5 coming?
Hard Head: who me?
ssf420: he had pocket Aces too
BigJohn804: yeah
BigJohn804: no he didn't...
Hard Head: i was drawing to the nut low
BigJohn804: man, you just made my day... LOL
BigJohn804: this is an Omaha Hi table, not Omaha 8
Hard Head: OMG
Hard Head: guess I can stop drawing to a low then

Hard Head sits out and leaves the table

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