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Wednesday, April 04, 2007


Basically the entire month of March was like a cruel April Fool's joke at the poker tables, live and online. About the only thing that went right was a few tournaments but I was absolutely battered on the cash tables in every game. I took a pretty fair assessment of my play and hashed out some of the more glaring mistakes that I thought I made, but when I went back over my notes it just seemed like I played a lot of big pots with big draws and never made it. I kept missing 15, 18 and 21 outers, and my opponents hit their fair share which never works out to a favorable result come the end of the month. But I know I can look back to a month like last August when it seemed like every time I played a pocket pair I hit a set, and I know it's just variance equalling out.

I played a little bit of everything this month, from $3-6 to $10-20 LHE, $3-6 Omaha 8, $100-$400 NLHE, and $100-$200 PL Omaha. I had a few winning sessions at $8-16 LHE and the $100 and $200 PLO, but those wins were quickly erased every time. I wrote a bit in my last post about how I thought the other players started affecting my play, and even though I know I probably saved bets as a result, I know that I wasn't playing optimally, so that got added to the list of things I need to work on.

I've heard about some mixed games that are going on locally, so I think I'll be hitting those up in another month or two when I'm a little better rolled for them. I've really enjoyed branching out and playing Omaha and Stud more and would definitely like to put more time into improving my games in those disciplines. The sessions I played in NL hold'em this month just confirmed for me how little I enjoy playing it still as a cash game, unfortunately it's just about the only thing going as far as local cash games go. Probably will be taking another trip up to AC with the guys around the middle of the month, so I can only hope that April will be a turnaround month and I can get on a roll in the 10-20 and 20-40 games up there at the Borgata.

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